Few hours before his flight and facing the threat of Lagos traffic, Lolu [@Officialomololu] opted for a photo shoot instead. A very eerie choice considering how brutal the road to airport can get.

He’d parked his car a distance away from the parking lot, an ingenious man preferring the comfort of his mind in the morning.


And the shots came in. Beautiful in their essence, thoughtful, as the man himself very thought-provoking.

When I clicked on the first shot, I thought it was a wrongly attached file. Lolu was seated, casual with so much grace, almost deep in thought, basking in the moment. *CLICK* the photographer went, recognizing what he saw in that moment.


I swiped to the next. Lolu was causally laying on a couch. An orange couch. I knew it was either the photographer was mischievous or Lolu well intended this, as we’ve come to expect from a man like him.

While I was going through the pictures, it dawned on me. Here’s a man, choosing to be in his own element, refusing to follow the disorderliness of early morning Lagos, risking missing a flight which would later on be delayed to further prove the city’s normal chaos.

I sent him a text.

“Bryson Tiller”

He had laughed. The Lolu laughter, almost amused by himself, with a slight of mischief. Usually buttressing in to a grin to show a few side teeth.

“ No Charlie, But thank you for noticing”

He texted back.

Luckily, I caught myself before I replied: “Who is it then?”.

When did orderliness and serenity became so rare, and uncommon, especially in a state like Lagos that its manifestation becomes disingenuous and had to be mimicked or copied. Or, to put it this way, when did unruliness, chaos and unpunctuality became the norm that for a man not to be that, becomes a subject of suspicion. As if, hiding his true self.

It was just Lolu.

It was just Lolu.

This was Lolu's get-away, through photography. On other days, it would be through a healthy dose of Formula 1.

"We all need to get-away sometime", he's said. So I ask, what is yours.

See you next time, and tell me about your get-away or lets figure it out in the comment section. 

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